Fine writing, quality books, and ebooks for every device.

Developed by Julian M. Miles

An easy to learn, quick to play RPG system suitable for all skill levels.

Usable for any genre in any milieu, with variable complexity and detail.

Able to cater for as many players as you can handle.

Created in 1998 and playtested for 12 years across multiple styles and scenarios.

Refined so gamers can adventure in original worlds,
re-enact any film, anime, novel or short,
or do that sequel you always thought should have been made!

Released under a Collective Commons license in 2011, this versatile - and quite possibly the world's smallest - role-playing system is completely FREE.

You can download the PDF from Julian M. Miles' deviantART gallery, just click here.

Whenever Julian Miles appears at conventions or does signings, he always has a few full-colour copies of Gallant on double-sided, laminated, heavyweight A4 card. Just ask him for one.