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Julian M. Miles has been interviewed by blogger Fiona Mcvie (2017) and Maricel Dragan (2016). Read the full interviews on their blogs.


Julian M. Miles shares Lizards of the Host Publishing news, writing updates and random interesting stuff via his Twitter feed.

Julian M. Miles will be appearing at WynterCon 2017, launching his novel The Ballad of Septimus Mak with a limited, signed first edition, along with a selection of his other work.
He'd be delighted to meet you.

Julian really enjoyed his third year at WynterCon. He thanks everyone who dropped by the Lizards of the Host Publishing stand, and was delighted to meet new readers as well as reacquaint himself with several people who came back for more of his books.

Julian M. Miles had a fine time at WynterCon 2 in Eastbourne. He met many people, reacquainted himself with a few from the previous year, made some new friends and humbly thanks everyone for the staggering number of nice things said about his work.

Julian M. Miles was at the inaugural WynterCon in Eastbourne that ran from 31st october  to 2nd November 2014. He met a lot of people, made some new friends, sold some books and extends his thanks to everyone who stopped by his pitch, and to the organisers for inviting him.